Why Your Brand Color Matters

Every business, company or corporation has a logo to represent them. In the past, logos were mainly used for products and services, yet as of late their usage extend beyond brick and mortar. Whether its social media, signage, or virtual experiences, your logo must quickly and accurately communicate your brand’s messaging to your audience.

One of the most important steps in creating your logo, is selecting your color. Color is essential to your branding and marketing because this is your first impression. The psychology of your brand’s colors is very important when building your brand identity. Choosing the right combination of colors is a great way to weave your company culture directly into an experience.

Your brand is a living breathing organism and can change over time. However, your color palette will most likely remain the same, which is why it’s important to take your time with your preliminary selection. Read more in this article, ’14 SMEs Explain Their Logo Colors.’

Think about some of the brands or products you often use, and the colors associated with them.

For Example: Nike is associated with Red, which correlates with Action and Ignition.

When asked about our color design for The Seidel Agency, here’s what our Founder, Steve Seidel had to say about choosing the color blue.
Our deep blue color was chosen to represent Loyalty, Honesty, and American Pride as I’m from Philadelphia, PA. Not to mention, we started in the medical arena so blue is a prominent color there, too. 

Steve Seidel, CEO & Founder

In summation, it’s important to consider your color scheme when building your brand. They have a direct impact on your customer’s state. It can either trigger an emotion or create a connection, due to color association.

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