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Founded in 2017, The Seidel Agency has worked hard to redefine the intersection of video production and marketing. Located outside of Los Angeles in Burbank, CA, we impact, inspire, and empower our clients and their audiences through creative storytelling that connects and builds communities. Marketing via video is the best way to reach people today, and we have not fallen short of that statement. According to Bitdownloader’s Video Stats Breakdown, more than 1B hours of video are viewed each day. We are proud to announce that in their recent report, Clutch has named us among prominent explainer video companies!

Given Clutch’s research methodologies, this is no small achievement! Based in Washington DC, Clutch is an online ratings and reviews platform for B2B companies around the world. Clutch’s team of analysts researches companies and ranks them based on factors like market presence, work quality, and most importantly, client experience. Their team interviews prior clients over the phone and publishes the feedback onto the company’s Clutch profile. We only have one review so far on our Clutch profile, but you’ll be happy to note that it is a perfect 5/5 stars!

In addition to being given a Clutch Leader Award, we have also gained recognition on their sister websites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. Our name is now on The Manifest’s explainer video production companies and Visual Objects’ advertising agencies directories. Both these websites provide a more in-depth, results-oriented perspective on B2B businesses already listed on Clutch. On Visual Objects, company portfolios are available for viewing, while The Manifest serves as a platform for businesses to stay informed with the latest data and advice to succeed and find their next business partner.

We deeply value our clients’ feedback and thoroughly look forward to gaining more 5 star reviews on our Clutch profile page. Until then, we will continue to inspire our viewers through our creativity and uniqueness as a video explainer company. Get a Free Consultation to see how we can help you.



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