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Why Your Passion Matters!

“They did a fantastic job helping me refine my message for an Alumni position. His thoughtful insight made a positive impact on my campaign!”

Brandon Short

PSU Board of Trustees


Turn Your Passion into a Profitable Business

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Our Content and Social Strategies have helped countless businesses grow, including three recent 8-figure acquisitions!

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“The Seidel Agency’s turnkey program activated all our 400+ doctors, yielding a 600% growth in social awareness and over 4M views of branded content.”

Dina El Sherif

Head of Practice Development, Miramar Labs

Drive Followers From 
“Looking To Booking”

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“The Seidel Agency delivers best in class social solutions with equal or greater impact than any other competitor. They helped to deliver a 400% growth in followers, 4+ Key Partnerships and were invaluable to the key acquisition of Steve Dayan as our CMO. Their commitment to excellence truly does make a difference.”

Nick Magruder

CEO, FriendMedia

Key Strategies to Scale

Social Consciousness




Key Client Acquisitions

What Our CLients Say About Us

“They’ve been wonderful to work with ever since the first time I met them. Not only is he great with helping with videos and things like that, but he’s also a great PR man. He got me some placement in different magazines. I cannot thank him enough and I can not recommend him enough. So, do the right thing, call Steve and The Seidel Agency.”

Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH,
Founder/CEO, BuildMyBod Health,
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“As a consultant for miraDry and owner of my plastic surgery practice, Steve and his team were instrumental in understanding the right way to engage on Instagram with video, with a goal of retaining and building trust with my patients.”

Cynthia Diehl, MD, FACS

“The Seidel Agency is different. They give their heart and soul into every project, are fabulous to work with and work exceptionally hard to please the client. He is someone you can trust to care about what you want in the product and he strongly believes in doing the right thing every time.“

Dr. Josephine Polich
CEO & Founder of Cearna Aesthetics

“Working with Steve and his team has been really essential in helping to showcase the higher standard of care that we have at our practice to our patients on Instagram. it helps drive more patients to our office, and has been a really important ROI to our practice.“

Dr. Jason Bloom
Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon


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