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The Seidel Agency and its Founder, Steve Seidel were Featured in their Mentor Moments series, where they spoke about ways to improve both yourself and your business at least 1% each day. 

The Seidel Agency delivers socially conscious consulting and marketing, by generating win-win-wins for their clients, with social good solutions to impact companies, consumers and their communities at the same time. The intent is to make this world a better place, by helping followers ‘vote with their dollar’ to support meaningful experiences. 

Steve Seidel built The Seidel Agency, as an extension of his personal brand and mission to impact, inspire and empower future generations one child at a time. 

Check out how we do that below!

A few key highlights were the recommended book of Seat of The Soul and morning routines, 1% Growth Idea of “Aligning yourself with your core competencies”, as well as key learnings like “understanding you are a powerful being with or without a company>.”  Whether you are a small business owner just starting out or a Fortune 500 CEO looking to franchise, it’s up to you. Just take a step, and you’ll soon find out if it was the right (or wrong) direction, and be well on your way!We are grateful and honored to Do Good. Give Back and Make an Impact across the globe and welcome any mentorship requests or small business owners seeking our professional expertise. 

Please visit to dig deeper into your own purpose, and how it can fuel a thriving and profitable online business.

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