How To Build a Chatbot Using ManyChat

Are your viewers replying during your non-working hours?

Or are you out of budget for a Customer Service VA?

You definitely need a chatbot.

Seems overwhelming at first. But with this tool, you are just like “connecting the dots”.

But what is a chat automation funnel? and why you should use it for your practice?

What is a Chatbot

In simple words, it is a software application that puts up a system for a particular communication platform you use to automatically send messages when your viewers or customers ask or message your channel.

For example, some businesses usually set it up to do a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If a subscriber clicks a specific button or keyword, the chatbot will automatically send the answer even if you are away from your computer.

Cool isn’t it?

This is a way to engage viewers turning them into customers while still sitting pretty sipping your coffee, doing most of the customer service for you.

Check out the Chatbot we’ve built for The Seidel Agency’s Digital Marketing and Consulting, complete with freebies and fun templatized offers.


But How to do a Simple Chat Automation Flow?

There are quite a few Chat Automation software but for this guide, we will use Manychat (because it’s simple & offers a great user experience)

Step 1:

Go to and click the button “Get Started Free” for a few days of free trial.


Step 2:

Sign up using a Facebook account allowing Manychat to manage & access your page messages, as well as your Instagram, FB Messenger, Whatsapp, & Telegram


Step 3:

Go to Settings, then Messenger, then Greeting Text to set up your page greeting text before they subscribe to your channel. Click save.


Step 4:

Go to Automation then set up Welcome Message after subscribing, and a Default Reply (a reply sent to a subscriber when they message something unrecognizable by the system)

Note: Anyone who started to message you on Messenger is called a subscriber.


Step 5:

Go to the Templates section and choose a ready-made flow depending on your needs so all you have to do is change text or images.

There are flows that collect email and phone numbers, collect leads, create reservations and more! Just follow the simple steps already available in the flow template


There are flows that collect email and phone numbers, collect leads, create reservations and more! Just follow the easy steps already available in the flow template.

For example, in the Collect Emails & Phone Number template, simple instructions are already available in yellow boxes.

Step 6:

After creating a chat flow from a template, you can set up Keywords so when a subscriber messages you with a particular keyword, they will enter the flow you made.

You can also set up as many keywords as you want with the same purpose.

You can also use other growth tools aside from Keywords, but if you are a beginner,                     I recommend you focus first on using Keywords.

And that’s it.

You can now start generating leads using a smart chatbot!

Looking for help optimizing or creating a compelling content strategy? Or your own chatbot?

We are here to help!

Email us at for questions. We can also schedule a 30 min. free consultation for your practice.




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