How to Address Cosmetic Bruising on Instagram

One of the leading reasons patients postpone facial aesthetic procedures like dermal fillers and injectables, is because of the common side effect of post-treatment bruising. While the downsides of cosmetic bruising for patients might be apparent, it can also have a major impact on physicians and their practice. With reputation, safety, and comfort on the line, social media platforms are helping to address cosmetic surgery concerns like bruising, even before they occur.

Consequences of Cosmetic Bruising

Patients and doctors alike must contend with the realities of recovering from even the safest of procedures. Often times, this means post-procedural bruising and swelling, which impact not only the patient but the doctor and their staff.

How Cosmetic Bruising Impacts Patients:

  • Physical discomfort; tenderness, swelling, pressure
  • Emotional distress; dealing with social stigma associated with facial fillers, distraction in the workplace, etc.
  • Extended bruising for patients who bruise easily; according to the Mayo Clinic, older patients will generally tend to bruise more easily. As the majority of cosmetic treatment and surgery patients are over the age of 40 (according to an annual demographics survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), excessive bruising is a risk for a large number of patients
  • Interruption of daily life to deal with discomfort

How Cosmetic Bruising Impacts Physicians:

  • Damage to reputation; even the most routine and typical bruising may cause alarm for those not educated in the side effects of cosmetic procedures
  • Loss of patients; dissatisfied patients or those not given satisfactory post-procedural care may leave bad reviews, or leave your practice altogether
  • Wasted time and resources; without taking the proper measures to prevent cosmetic bruising, you risk needing to attend to bruised patients during the time you otherwise could be administering cosmetic procedures and surgeries
  • Reduced patient compliance can also impact your revenue, due to last minute cancellations and rescheduling

Bruising on Social Media

Share your post operative recovery techniques and products such as OcuMend and Arnica to showcase your higher standard of care on social media. Find as many ways as possible, to address a patient’s concerns prior to their consultation. It’s important to walk them through the patient process to get them to know, like and trust you, prior to meeting you in person. When you share content to mitigate their concerns, you are much further along in the patient buying process.

And remember … show DON’T tell. Videos and visual images speak volumes.

For Example: When posting a Before and After with heavy bruising, be sure to address why it occurred and what you typically do to address these ill-desired side effects.

Social media is the best way to systematically take patietns from looking to booking and becoming lifetime, loyal paying patients. Key platforms like Facebook, Instagram and RealSelf will help you educate, entertain and inform your prospects of your value. As a physician, it is your job to differentiate yourself from the medspa pushing Groupon deals on the corner. After all you’re the one holding the knife or needle, so be sure to manage expectations. Deliver a wonderful experience from start to finish, even if it means calling to check-up after a patient goes home.

Black Diamond injectors and doctors using cannulas can win more business, simply because clients expect minimal to no bruising. This not only helps patients get back to work sooner, but addresses a major concern prior to their visit. When you leverage procedural or tutorial videos on Instagram, be sure to consider what patients want, as opposed to trying to look good or simply selling services. By putting your audience first, you set yourself up for success.

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