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Recently the Founder of The Seidel Agency, Steve Seidel, was asked to share our journey with Starter Story in the article, “How I started a Six-Figure Consulting and Marketing Agency,” to help future entrepreneurs build their own businesses.  

Starter Story interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares the stories behind their businesses. The stories are inspiring, and it also provides specific advice and insights into starting a business. By these stories, they are helping others to get started too.

In the Interview, Steve shared how he started the agency, how it grew, and how becoming a “Virtual CMO” was key growth component. Going “virtual” later became essential with the pandemic and the fractionalization of the marketplace. He also shared the recommended tools needed to grow your business and some books and resources that helped him along the way.

The idea of building our agency started when Steve worked with his close friend’s company, miraDry, which became the aha! Moment for the inception of the agency. In his early days on marketing miraDry’s social media, Seidel quickly absorbed everything in and around hashtags, algorithms, funnels, and more. He also wrote blogs, created videos, podcasts, and did whatever he could to hone his craft. Of course, not everything worked, but it gave him the confidence to find what did.

Here’s what Steve mentioned about the early days, “I started out doing all the work myself, which I advise, so you can know every step along the way. Once you know your constraints and bottlenecks you can either do, delegate or delete tasks to automate and save time.”

To date, The Seidel Agency worked with some of the biggest names in plastic and facial cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and dentistry, such as Dr. Paul Nassif (Botched), Dr. Bill Dorfman (The Doctors, Extreme Makeover), Dr. Sheila Nazarian (Skin Decision), and former president of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Grant Stevens.

The Seidel Agency continues to attract and retain its customers through word of mouth, testimonials, landing pages, speaking and podcasts, and industry partnerships.

The interview finished with his advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just getting started. To read more, go to Starter story. You, too, may be inspired to “Do Good. Give Back and Make an Impact”.

Please visit TheSeidelAgency.com/Purpose should you want to accelerate your company or find ways to activate your own purpose.

Should you like to speak with Steve directly or want to schedule a Free Consultation, please email Hello@TheSeidelAgency.com




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