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Everyone Has A Transformational Story. Here Are Some Of Ours.

Why Your Brand Color Matters

Every business, company or corporation has a logo to represent them. In the past, logos were mainly used for products and services, yet as of late their usage extend beyond brick and mortar. Whether its social media, signage, or virtual experiences, your logo must...

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Mentor Moments on NextGenHQ

NextGen HQ is energizing entrepreneurs with the momentum they need to create meaningful businesses, and serve a global community with 20K entrepreneurs and over 4K start-ups, representing over 90 countries. NextGen HQ connects entrepreneurs to the tools they need to...

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Be #KentuckyStrong. Make An Impact

Did you know that the song “Happy Birthday” was written by two Louisville sisters? Yeah neither did we… After we found out that Kentucky was the Horse Capital of the World, but also the birthplace of Bluegrass and Bourbon, but more importantly Post-its, we knew it was...

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Turn Your Passion into Profit: PennState

Our Founder, Stephen Seidel, majored in Industrial Engineering at PSU, while also holding various leadership positions for Delta Upsilon Fraternity, IIE, The Disney World College Program, Penn State Dance Marathon, while paying his way through college with a work study program at The Paul Robeson Cultural Center.

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30 Side Hustles To Make Money at Home

How to Profit from Your Potential Start an Instagram Business YouTube Tutorials Game on Twitch Play Music Teach English Online Education and Tutoring Website Testing Trade Stocks Online Make Masks Create an Etsy Shop Sell Fashion Wear on Poshmark Virtual Stylist or...

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