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Everyone Has A Transformational Story. Here Are Some Of Ours.

How to Build a Great Work-Life Balance

Our founder, Steve Seidel, recently sat down with Garrett Fahrbach at Awesome Inc, the office where we frequently hold our in-person meetings for The Seidel Agency, to discuss intentionality in the workplace. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in...

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5 Best Platforms for Client Testimonials

What do you do when considering a product or service? You Google it. Which leads you down a series of steps, as you determine if you can trust them. Verify the business by visiting their website Check reviews and testimonials online Visit social media for results...

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How To Build a Chatbot Using ManyChat

Are your viewers replying during your non-working hours? Or are you out of budget for a Customer Service VA? You definitely need a chatbot. Seems overwhelming at first. But with this tool, you are just like “connecting the dots”. But what is a chat automation funnel?...

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7 Reasons to Consider Coaching

With all the massive information available on the internet, whether it’s on youtube, google, or Wikipedia, you may wonder … What good is coaching if I can Google or research instead? For most, studying alone is the most efficient and cost-friendly way to get to learn...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Google My Business in 2022

Perhaps you devote most of your time and resources to social media marketing. However, by doing so we overlook one of the most important stages, which is improving our search rankings. Regardless of how many social media networks you utilize, Google search is still...

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