7 Steps to a Successful Zoom Call

Are you tired of lackluster results on Zoom?
Do you want to know how to close video conference calls?
Are you waiting to get back to work?

Businesses and companies are now embracing the new normal known as ‘working from home’ aka WFH. However, employees are often left in the dark to fend for themselves and learn new software on their own.

Prior to Covid-19, employers offered WFH as a perk, but it’s become a standard operating procedure. It’s up to you to find ways to stand out virtually to help you connect, collect and convert more clients with a seamless communication system to drive clients from “looking to booking!”

Below we’ll be offering some suggestions using Zoom to drive sales, but you can do the same with any other video provider and we’ll assume you already have an account. If you need help setting up an account, let me know.

1. Keep It Custom

First of all, what is your Zoom link?

Odds are, you don’t know.

The first rule of marketing, or any relationship building in general, is to make it personal. Don’t use the impossible link to share while chatting over a subpar cell phone signal, or the nine digit code you’ll need to repeat 3-5 times … create a custom link.

And there are several ways to do that, but we’re going to give you two quick options, either you can use Bit.ly or simply take the zoom link offered in your account, which won’t change, and create a vanity URL on your website to share with clients such as ours -> TheSeidelAgency.com/zoom

2. Do Your Homework

Do you use Google or LinkedIn prior to your meetings?

You should.

Businesses are built upon trust, however it’s important to get them to “know” and “like” you first. Maintain consistent communication leading up to your call, by confirming a day in advance. This saves you time from potential ‘no shows’ and showcases your reliability.

Find a common interest to establish a connection immediately. With social media, Google alerts and LinkedIn pages readily available, you have no excuse to NOT find a common bond prior to a call.

We suggest searching your shared network on LinkedIn, as well as checking for common causes over career interests, by working from the bottom up on their profile. Don’t forget to keep your LinkedIn page updated too.

3. Plug Back In

What’s the wifi password?

This is one question you want to be avoiding minutes before your call.

If you are WFH, be sure to test your signal prior to the kickoff time. We strongly suggest hardwiring your computer for all video conferencing calls to maintain a strong digital connection.

Do a quick run through before the meeting to ensure your audio and video is functioning properly. Should you even think you might share your screen, shut down any unnecessary programs on your computer that might be visible.

Always put your attention on your audience to make them your top priority. Keep your phone on silent nearby, just in case you need to text a colleague or be reached in an emergency.

4. Dress It Up

Does dressing for success actually work?

Yes. In more ways than one.

Wear your favorite shirt or outfit that makes you feel good, and you’ll be beaming during your entire meeting. And while you’re at it, put on a smile. We suggest smiling at least 30X during a 30 minute meeting, but who’s counting?!

Don’t forget your background too. There’s a term called ‘peacocking’ in the dating world that suggests wearing something outrageous to help kickstart a conversation. Try placing personal items behind you to break the ice. This creates excitement within you, as well as an opportunity to use storytelling, instead of sales techniques, to build trust immediately.

For example: A hand drawn picture from your child or a favorite “Star Wars” poster to geek out on always works.

We know it’s tempting, but to remain professional, we recommend staying away from the virtual green screen backdrops in Zoom. For now anyway, maybe after the second or third call. 😉

5. Don’t Be Late

“When you’re early you are on time, when you’re on time you are late, and when you’re late, you are forgotten.”

In short, don’t be late.

Have you ever shown up to a meeting late? Or watched a co-worker start a kickoff call to disgruntled guests?

Yeah, it’s embarrassing. Don’t do it.

When you show up early, you set a precedent. You commit to your success and don’t abuse the other attendees’ time. You control the meeting and its outcome. Always clarify the time zone when booking too.

And if for any reason you are late, clear the air and move on immediately. Don’t sit there apologizing and groveling, or you’ve lost that potential business opportunity already.

6. Keep It Concise

Are you juggling multiple tasks both at home and at work?

Chances are the person you’re meeting is too.

It’s important to be respectful of their time, as most are homeschooling, making meals and working from home during an eight hour day.

Zoom’s free account only allows you to speak for 40 minutes. To some this might be a negative, but we believe it provides you the framework to get the job done. Don’t babble on and on about nonsense. Focus on your one key takeaway and get it accomplished.

You have 30 minutes (plus a few minutes of questioning) to figure out the following:

  • WHO are they? (Research in advance)
  • WHAT do they want? (Identify pain points)
  • WHERE do they need to be? (Uncover opportunities)
  • WHY YOU?! (Value proposition & advantage)
  • WHEN can they expect it? (Set expectations & timeline)
  • HOW will it be delivered? (Reveal next steps)

7. Lock It In

What’s next?

Video calls are like dating, and if things go as planned, you’ll meet another day.

Allow yourself 30 minutes to get to know them and build a relationship. Use the remaining 10 minutes (on your Free Zoom account) to overcome objections and answer questions. Wrap up the call with a quick overview of the problem and your unique solution by asking, “Would it be okay if we review next steps?”

Once they answer, “Yes”, move forward with booking the next call, and sharing the key deliverables you established during the call.

Lastly, send out your pre-prepared thank you email with details on your next Zoom call. Repeat as needed.

Congratulations, you’re now on your way to driving clients, “From Looking to Booking!”

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At the Seidel Agency, our mission is to help business owners grow by starting local, growing global, and healing the divide from virtual automated procedures with socially conscious campaigns.

Please email me directly with any questions at Hello@TheSeidelAgency.com

Steve Seidle - CEO/Founder of The Seidel Agency
Steve Seidel
CEO/Founder of The Seidel Agency

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