10 Stats Proving Video Marketing Is Effective

Videos are the most popular form of media on the planet right now, and it should not come as a surprise. It is easier for people to digest, and it gives them a break from the countless numbers of texts found online. Video is so popular that over 1 billion hours’ worth of video has been watched on YouTube already. Therefore, marketing experts have started to take a keen interest in video marketing. Marketers are developing videos that showcase their brands and bring in new leads. Naturally, these companies are hiring video companies like The Seidel Agency

Why is Video Marketing Effective?

Videos are engaging and versatile. They can provide a real glimpse into the overall story being told. Plus, videos are easy to share and supported by just about every social media platform in the world. But the reason videos are so popular is that they require little to no effort to watch. Therefore, people can wind down to a video without having to put in any extra effort.

Videos establish trust, and are imperative in the lifecycle of converting new customers. When you utilize videos you can display truth and transparency, as well as your personality to allow a prospective client to get to you know you.

Videos matter, because they can easily tap into human emotions, and allow its viewer to have an experience. And once they change as a result of your content, they want to do something.

Yes, videos are engaging! As a result, they convert at an extremely high rate and have a high ROI since they are so accessible. Coupling great content with amazing calls to action can really make a difference.

It is also a reasonably straightforward process to produce videos as well. We see some of the most popular YouTube videos shot with a smartphone. Of course, you’ll want to invest in more than a smartphone if you are making videos for your business. If you are going to create videos that convert at a high rate, then you will want to get the right equipment and hire the right video team. The benefits of video explainer videos and script-writing are too much to ignore.

Now that we have gone over the basics let us dive into some statistics that will motivate you to start shooting a video today!

52% of Marketing Experts Agree that Videos Have the Highest ROI

Storytelling is the most powerful form of marketing on the planet. Marketing experts are always looking for ways to showcase their products and services through storytelling. Videos accomplish this and, as a result, have the highest ROI of all marketing tools.

Half of Internet Users Watch Videos before Making a Purchase

Trust is one of the fundamental elements of making a sale. The concept of content marketing is based around this one fundamental. The key is to stop “trying” to sell to people and let them come to you. Videos are a great way to peak their interest enough to learn more. Then guide them through the process and explain how you can solve their problem.

Videos Produce 3x More Traffic

High-quality videos are going to bring in more leads and nurture them in ways that no other media can. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but the fact is that videos are the current king of media.

Conversation Rates of Landing Pages that Include a Video are 80% Higher

Landing pages should always include video; otherwise, they are not going to convert very highly in today’s market. Videos are great at building hype and allow viewers to get your message with minimal effort. Of course, you will still need to include the text, but it is not nearly as important as the video itself. It’s important to make sure videos have a teaser, clearly deliver your value and flow effectively. You might consider using a video editing company like Video Caddy to not only edit your clips, but also repurpose them for additional platforms.

Most Consumers Want More Videos From their Favorite Brands

People love videos, as shown by this stat. They want more and are going to gravitate towards brands that offer them more content. Videos are becoming a necessity for brands that want to stay relevant.

Videos Convert More B2B Buyers

The actual numbers look like this: 65% of business executives visit a creator’s website after watching a video. 39% of those same executives will call the creator on the phone afterward. Videos can showcase how a specific product or service will solve a particular problem. When a business is suffering from this problem, then they are going to want to learn more.

Videos Increase Organic Traffic by 157%

Videos are immersive and easy to access, so people are eating them up! Therefore, if you can create engaging content, then more people will find your website. More importantly, they will stay on your website. Search engines use a metric known as “dwell time” to rank websites and so the longer you can get a visitor to “dwell” on your page, the higher your website will rank. Dwell time is simply the amount of time a visitor stays on a specific website before leaving.

Websites with Videos are Over 50 Times More Likely to Land on the Front Page of Google

Videos provide a huge boost to the SEO of your website, which connects to the statistic listed above. The higher your ranking, the more traffic coming in, and the more leads you will funnel into your sales.

1 Out of Every 4 Companies Publish Videos Every Week

This speaks volumes to the effectiveness of videos, and I fully expect this number to go up as videos become more affordable to produce. With a video, you can direct a potential customer through the entire customer journey. This helps them make more informed buying decisions.

97% of Marketers Agree that Videos Help Users Understand their Products

Videos are powerful tools that will help potential customers understand a product or service in ways that text simply cannot. The different types of videos available are endless so creators have a wide range of creative freedom here.

Benefits of Professional, High-Performing Video Content

Let us wrap up this post by focusing on the result. One thing is clear – All the stats mentioned above are only true for high-quality videos. The best content creators understand the benefits of video on driving new business. It is essential that you fine-tune your videos before clicking the publish button.

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